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Welcome Back!

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Exciting half term!

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Sunflowers beginning to grow

Well can you believe it… our sunflower seeds have grown! They germinated over the holiday and began to grow. We were all really excited over the results and this has ignited our interest in finding more flowers in our sensory outdoor environment. The children have been working hard to name parts of a flower. Ask your child some questions to see if they can remember what job a stem, roots and leaves do.

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Busy half-term!

Look at how busy we have been over the past half-term. We have developed an understanding of the difference between information and story books. We have counted to 10 and represented numbers on our fingers to 3. We have also made a variety of creative bug themed pictures, including repeating pattern caterpillars and multi-media snail pictures.

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Down in the garden

This term, our topic is ‘Down in the garden’.  All children are exploring the indoor and outdoors. We are looking for the visible signs of spring and participating in garden themed activities. We are enjoying the small world bug table and pretending to plant in the sand area.

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Independent work

We have had so much fun learning about the farm. We can now look at books independently and talk about the illustrations. We have developed our maths skills using the small world farm. Please question your child on animal names, you’ll be surprised what they know.



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Reasoning Ralf

​From our Inspire session last half term, we have been helping Ralf to identify more, less and the same when comparing amounts. The children worked hard to remember the first step ‘read the question twice’. Well done everybody!

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Down on the Farm

Since Christmas, we have been working hard ‘Down on the farm’. We have been using positional language whilst playing with our resources and have learnt these new words quickly. The children have worked hard on the names of mummy, daddy and baby animals. Ask your child at home to see if they can remember any.

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Farmyard Animals

This term, we are learning about ‘Down on the farm’. The children have been finding out information in books and familiarising themselves with farmyard animals. We have worked hard naming heifers, bulls and calves.

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Recognising Sounds

​In phonics this half term, we have been working hard on recognising the sounds s,a,t,p,i and n independently. The children have focused hard listening to the initial sounds in words and really enjoyed playing the ‘SPLAT’ game.

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