Down on the Farm

This has been an exciting start to the half-term. On Thursday, Ian came to visit from the farm bringing with him a selection of animals that he cares for.  The children were really excited and were able to have a hands on experience touching all the animals, asking questions and finding out more about them. Ian told us how sheep make wool. Roary and Suzie’s fleeces were so soft. Ask your children at home if they can remember what a mummy sheep, daddy sheep and a baby a sheep are called.

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Prepositional Language

We have been so busy this half-term using animals to help us develop our learning. In the construction area, we have been reading traditional tales and building the bridge for the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Logan could remember the troll saying, ‘Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge!’ The children have loved joining in with the repeated refrains from all the traditional tales. In the maths and small world areas, children have been developing the use of their prepositional language. Many of our children can now identify if their animals are on top, under or at the side of something. Chase said, ‘Look my pig is in the barn. He started right on top of the roof and now he’s gone inside. It’s too windy for him.’ Everyone has worked extremely hard this half-term and we are all looking forward to Ian’s farm visit when we come back. 

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody! What a busy start to the year we have had. We are learning about ‘Down on the Farm’ this half-term and the children have responded well to the new provision activities.  In the home corner, we now have a vets with poorly farm animals that need our immediate attention. The children have been especially busy making the donkey better who needed medicine to make his eye healthy. Down in the farm’s pond, the children have been busy representing numbers on their fingers using songs and rhymes. The frogs keep jumping and we need to change the amount of fingers we need to show. Be careful, don’t let the frogs trick you!

We are all really excited for the upcoming weeks and cannot wait for Ian the farmer to bring in his real farm animals.


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